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Know your trade area, know your customer base, and leverage the differences.

It all begins with Research & Analytics

Research and analytics drive every marketing and site selection strategy we develop. Insights at the level we need for developing the highest producing advertising campaigns and choosing the best retail locations can only come from having the entire U.S. Consumer File of 235 million individuals in-house. This allows us to query, filter, and summarize the landscape for any trade area and compare it to any customer base. Integrating big data analytics into actionable strategy is our departure point for Traditional Media, Digital Media and Real Estate Site Selection. Or, put another way: Know your trade area, know your customer base, and leverage the differences.


Google Ads’ YouTube provides a unique opportunity for your creative to reach people when they’re leaning in to pay attention. Today, over 1.5 billion monthly logged-in viewers watch 1+ hours/day on mobile alone (source Google).

Historically, video was rarely considered an acquisition tool. The only way someone could “act” on a video was to watch it, and marketers could only optimize for reach (with TV) or views (with online video). Tracking hard ROI back to video? Nearly impossible.

But these days, new YouTube ad formats like TrueView for Action have made video a powerful channel for driving online conversions. And thanks to ever-improving technology, the ability to measure actual impact is better than ever. Here’s how it works:


  1. Reach people based on their intent with intent signals directly from Google
  2. Make it easy for them to take action with new ad formats that drive viewers to take action
  3. Prove it works & optimize to a target CPA with cross device and in-store measurement + tCPA bidding
  4. Tailor your creative to work for direct-response with new guidelines for direct-response video

MQ&C Advertising is a leader in YouTube TrueView for Action. Not only are we regularly invited to participate in betas, but Google reaches out to hear about our latest experiences and insights. The MQ&C approach maximizes super-fast learning through micro-campaigns that minimizes ad spend during the testing phase and leads to dramatic scaling opportunities.

If you don’t have video ads that are ready to go, that’s not a problem. We can provide turnkey service from concept development to final editing. We follow Google’s best practices as well as our own proprietary approaches gained by being an active player in this space since the earliest days it was available.


Shopping campaigns in Google Ads and Bing create great opportunities to expand digital marketing initiatives but optimizing them is tricky business that most advertisers get completely wrong.

While most digital marketing agencies treat shopping feeds as an afterthought, we’ve turned our approach to shopping into a scientific pursuit developing our own methods and tools to get every edge in the shopping ecosystem. The result is getting the best shopping ads in front of the right people at the right time – so that our clients get maximum return on their advertising dollars.

Additionally, we’ll work with you to make sure your product feed meets all technical requirements and minimize the chances of disapproval. We’ll also work with you on testing opportunities and let you know when we think new images are needed.

Our proprietary algorithms optimize campaign structure by ensuring that the value of search terms coincides with their respective bids. They also continually filter out under-performers that serve only to bloat ad spend. We continually track new searches and apply negative keywords to ensure your ads aren’t being shown for non-buyers and people who just aren’t looking for your product.

Display and Social Advertising

When targeting, we use our predictive model to identify email addresses associated with people most likely to buy. These people then become the marketing universe for all digital campaigns. Whether we’re using AdWords, Display, Facebook, Mobile, or others, this not only prevents a lot of unqualified traffic, but it also almost entirely stops bot fraud.

Our messaging changes based on people’s on-site behavior, most notably that we exclude those that have already become customers. For the others, we use a time-based persuasion sequence that nurtures the prospects over time by changing the messaging in the remarketing ads and landing pages. This helps us identify the emotional trigger that is going to close the sale for an individual prospect.

Our approach is more efficient and usually less costly than relying on external or third-party data to drive this targeting.


Many marketers make the mistake of thinking email is free, so it doesn’t matter what you send to which people. But list fatigue, fake email addresses and the good ‘ol delete button are pitted against you in the fight for your customer’s attention.

We have the resources to match an email address to a physical street address up to 65% of the time. And the longer someone has been on your list, the better that percentage gets. Why is this important? When you convert an email to a physical street address, there is an enormous amount of targeted information we can learn – even if you never intend to use postal mail.

The more you know about individuals on your email list, the better you can communicate with them, and the more likely they’ll open and read your message. Previously, an email address was a generic, faceless piece of data. We turn that data into a real person you can talk to.

Mobile Device GeoTargeting

With mobile devices, we use our predictive models to hyper-target individuals by device as well as geography. Here are some examples:

  • Send an ad for a new medical device to all attendees at the trade show in the convention center.
  • Collect the device ID of ski resort visitors so we can implement a year-round nurturing campaign once they’ve returned home.
  • A store usually has many competitors within a shopping mall. We can target smartphone users from your target audience who enter a tight radius of your store… OR your competitor’s.

To give you a better idea, here’s how we target your ideal prospects while they attend a trade conference:

  • We pinpoint the location of the trade conference
  • Using our database, we identify IP addresses for the conference center, surrounding hotels, coffee shops with Wi-Fi and nearby cellphone towers.
  • We serve display advertising for your product or service to these locations on top-shelf websites.

Direct Mail

Once we understand the shared characteristics of your best customers, we find the rest of them… at a household level.

Why is this important? Here’s a quick test: Walk outside your front door. Look at the house across the street from you. Then, the one to the left, and the one to the right. Now, look at your neighbor to the left, and then right. If you did this correctly, you just looked at five different addresses. Now ask yourself this… of your five neighbors, how many of them have the exact same age range, marital status, income level, net worth, number of children, ethnicity and education level… as your household?

When you send direct mail to a ZIP code, block code… or even carrier route level, you are spraying and praying! It’s a waste of resources, you’re just not sure how much money you’re throwing away. MQ&C Customer Profile Segmentation identifies the top 20%-25% of customers that drive 50%-90% of revenues… and the 75%-80% of prospects that make up the bottom 30% of revenues. It’s not just about identifying the right people…it’s about not contacting the wrong people.

With the entire 253 million U.S. Consumer file in-house, we’re able to generate targeted mailing lists for all campaigns. We also accurately match respondents from any mail campaign back to the mail file so we can track to evaluate the campaign’s performance.

Radio, TV, Print, Outdoors

Did you know… Reach “Tells” but Frequency “Sells.” 80% of buyers require at least six exposures to a message before purchasing (and that number may really be closer to 12).

Over the course of 30+ years we’ve bought over a half-billion dollars of traditional media like Radio, TV, Cable, Print, Out-of-home, and Sports marketing. We’ve bought for everyone from mom-and-pops to Fortune 100 companies, mobile homes to funeral homes, BMW’s to Buicks, fast food to steakhouses. When used correctly, these channels can cost-effectively attract targeted leads from a much larger universe than online channels.

We handle negotiation and placement, ad production, research, and strategic planning. Just let us know your target and spend, and we’ll take care of the rest!