Case Study:
Niche internet retailer achieves 100% impression share in 3 months


In early 2014, a niche internet retailer was struggling to compete with big box outdoor and recreation retailers like Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s.  At the time, the client AdWords account was hovering at about a 50% impression share.  The other retailers were at roughly 70%.


Using our proprietary approach, we took our client to 100% impression share within three months.  In addition to showing up in all search results, this also allowed us to increase our average position and reduce our cost per click on exact match keywords.


Within a few more months, the big box retailers were spending much less in our niche.  Today, our client enjoys 100% impression share in all niche keywords with a substantially lower cost per conversion – and the top ad position.  The competition is all but history.  Advertising fell from 14% of sales to under 9%, while sales more than doubled.  They recently enjoyed 3 months of all-time sales records.