Case Study:
MQ&C Gets Nutritional Supplement Co. Off Suspension & Paves Way to Online Success


A nutritional supplement company was in trouble… their Google Ads account had been suspended and they weren’t sure why.  They were now depending on their affiliates for 80% of their website traffic. They wanted to get back up and running on Google Ads and hopefully generate traffic at a CPA below what they paid to affiliates.


We used our knowledge, tools and access to key Google resources to identify the ad policy compliance issues and resolve them, which led to lifting of the account suspension.  We then applied our proprietary click-tracking technology to capture 90-day lifetime value from the lead gen and free trial funnels, so we could get more traffic from higher lifetime value customers. We combined this with the opportunity to take advantage of a beta program for “smart” display campaigns that became the foundation of a dramatic increase in revenue.


Now, 80% of traffic comes from paid search – at a CPA lower than the client pays their affiliates. As evidence of this success, Google Ads spend increased from virtually $0 to $500k/month within a year  Now that’s a happy ending!