Radio, TV, Outdoor

Radio & Television

Background: A retail health supplement provider was spending $25k/mo on broadcast and cable TV ads targeting the age 65+ demographic. The client believed the highest-performing age group was 65-74. Action: There were two problems: 1) Analysis determined the sweet spot was age 55-64, not 65-74; and 2) Neither TV nor radio ratings allow separation of…

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Background: A regional homebuilder learned that their previous advertising agency was not doing a post-buy analysis of their local spot TV buys to ensure that the rating points, impressions, reach and frequency were actually being delivered. Action: Our audit revealed over $1 million of shortfall value between the projected ratings from the TV stations and…

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Paid Search, Display

Paid Search

Background: In early 2014, a niche internet retailer was struggling to compete with big box outdoor and recreation retailers like Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s. At the time, the client AdWords account was hovering at about a 50% impression share.  The other retailers were at roughly 70%. Action: Using our proprietary approach, we took our…

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Display Ads

Background: A retailer of health supplements had been averaging about $150k/month in sales for its first 2 ½ years, with the help of several big-name ad agencies. We were hired to expand sales beyond Google AdWords. Action: We split-tested separate landing pages for Display campaigns until we had reached a level of solid profitability with…

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Catalog & Direct Mail

Direct Mail 1

Background: A regional heating & air conditioning residential repair company had been mailing an entire prospect list, treating each name on the list equally. That’s because no clear pattern existed to warrant otherwise. They were all, for example, married, age 25-54 adults with children and incomes above $75,000. Action: We matched the client mail file…

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Direct Mail 2

Background: A regional home remodeling company was achieving a 10-12% advertising cost of sales for its direct mail program, delivering customers that were spending 3% per purchase above all sales from all sources of traffic. Action: We identified a customer profile within the trade area that represented less than 8% of the demographically qualified home…

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